Surprising Horizons

A photographic story of Europe
by Sabine de Milliano

A Photographic Story of Europe

Fuelled by curiosity and a strong drive to push boundaries, travel and landscape photographer Sabine de Milliano spent 100,000 kilometres on the road to find out what Europe has to offer. During a series of adventurous road trips, she visited various hidden gems, famous landmarks, and remote places on the outskirts of the continent. Sabine discovered how surprisingly beautiful Europe actually is—even all those destinations that suffer from a questionable reputation. The most beautiful, inspiring and surprising scenes are captured in her book 'Surprising Horizons', which shows the great diversity in European landscapes as a captivating photographic story.

Sabine de Milliano, Romania 2015

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About the book

The book Surprising Horizons features roughly 200 of Sabine's best photographs taken between 2010 and 2018. At least one image is included from every European country, including the Caucasus and islands such as Malta and Cyprus.

Book setup and contents

Five chapters guide you on different photographic tours through Europe. From Sea to Summit focuses on landscapes, while City Light shows the variety of European towns and cities during the most photogenic time of the day. Wings & Paws shows interesting and sometimes unexpected animal encounters. Exploring Cultures focuses on architecture, religion and cultural heritage that highlight the complex history of our continent. Finally, the chapter Remoteness portrays remote areas and well-kept secrets. Every chapter ends with a section 'Where to go' with travel tips and region suggestions.

Layout and style

Surprising Horizons has a modest, timeless layout. All attention is drawn to the sharp and vivid imagery that is typical for Sabine's photographic style. Short captions explain the context and location of the images; various maps throughout the book give practical geographic overviews of the themes as well as the photographic locations that are covered.


Whether you are a curious globetrotter looking for inspiration or simply enjoying beautiful scenes from a 'safe' distance, this is a book for everyone who would like to explore the great diversity in landscapes and cultures that Europe has to offer.


Sabine's motivation for creating this book:
"During my travel adventures I have discovered that most places in Europe are much more beautiful and friendly than today's media would like you to believe. So many times I have been positively surprised by friendly locals, interesting encounters and unexpected places of remarkable charm. It is time for a more positive sound. Through this book, I aim to radiate my enthusiasm and love for European landscapes and cultures. I want to show you how beautiful Europe really is."

Sabine de Milliano, Romania, 2017 Sabine de Milliano, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2015 Sabine de Milliano, Romania, 2017

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